Premier film production parking spaces located in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

MX MOVIES offers one of Metro Vancouver’s premier film production storage spaces and secured parking lots:
24-hour Video Monitoring with HD Video Surveillance System and Fully Fenced with Gated Facility.

Located at 4240 Manor Street, Burnaby, British Columbia.


  • Monthly Rental of Reserved Parking Spaces for Film Industry
  • Parking Spaces are available in:
    • Underground & Covered Parking Spaces
    • OR
    • Above Ground Parkade
  • 24-hour Video Monitoring with HD Video Surveillance System
  • Fully Fenced with Gated Facility
  • Access hours are 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Climate Controlled Facility

(all specifications are approximations)


Centrally located in a popular region of Burnaby characterized by a unique combination of industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential uses. The property is located conveniently close to Willingdon Avenue and Canada Way, providing excellent access to the Lougheed Highway, Trans Canada Highway and Boundary Road. 20 minutes drive to downtown Vancouver. 30 minutes drive from Vancouver International Airport. Within 5 minutes drive to Vancouver Film Studios and Bridge Studios. Nearby to Costco, Home Depot, Walmart, Starbucks, and more.


We take security seriously, with a custom designed Security and Access Control System that incorporates an individually alarmed system with personal access via High Security Barrel Locks (no padlocks). 24-hour Video Monitoring with HD Video Surveillance System monitors and logs all activities 24 hours in real time. Fully Fenced with Gated Facility.






MX MOVIES has been collaborating with the film industry to get back to work, which includes higher cleaning standards and keeping everyone healthy. For our film studio locations, we have engaged a professional cleaning company which is established in the film industry. To provide safety for the film industry, we have engaged a leading supplier of disposable protective masks based in Vancouver, British Columbia whose customers include the Province of British Columbia, hospitals in the Lower Mainland, major retailers including London Drugs, and more.

We have protective masks and other PPE in stock in the Vancouver warehouse so immediate delivery is available.

Our team of professionals in the film industry is happy to assist you with your questions and help finalize the details of licensing our film production space for your next production.

    Green Screen Flexibility

    Wherever you want to shoot, there’s always the option of using a green screen to simplify production. This creates flexibility for many filming possibilities. Perhaps you want to film outdoors, have a fantastic scene idea, or there’s a safety issue,  such as shots inside a moving car or other risky elements — a green screen allows for minimal risk and maximum control. Rental of green screens are available upon request. Film Productions are welcome to bring their own green screen.

    Easier Logistics

    To film on locations, you’ll often have to get the appropriate permits in addition to working around cast and crew schedules for a specific available window. Filming inside, particularly with green screen availability, means you can bypass all of those logistical items and build your shooting schedule around flexible options rather than external logistical factors. This saves time, money, and headaches while creating a much more efficient scheduling process.

    Clean Sound

    When shooting on location, there’s always the concern about external noise out of your control. Car sounds, airplanes and high winds can create all sorts of production headaches, from delaying shooting to post-production audio cleanup. We offer a controlled environment where filmmakers only have to worry about performance, not external factors. Cleaning up audio in post-production will be more efficient using audio recorded inside.

    Control the Lighting

    Sometimes you need more light. Sometimes you need different light. If you’re not in a space to control every possible variable, that means that you may possibly shoot your production without ideal lighting. However, shooting on a soundstage studio with a lighting grid means you can create the specific setup necessary to achieve your ideal lighting. If you have access to a pre-lit soundstage, then you’ll save even more time, as the foundation has already been fine-tuned for the space and only detailed tweaking is required.

    Control the Environment

    Consider all of the factors that have to line up to film outside: weather, visual distractions, even traffic and airplanes. All of those can create a logistical nightmare, even if the production itself is a simple setup with only two actors and minimal extra needs (stunts, effects, etc.). Filming inside on a soundstage, there’s no need to check weather reports, keep an eye out for things breaking into camera view, or other environmental factors. Instead, everything is controlled so all filmmakers have to focus on is the actual production.

    COVID-19 Cleaning

    Film industry recommendations may include requirements for coronavirus health and safety training for all crew members; the use of masks, gloves, hand-washing, cleaning and twice daily temperature checks; a dedicated COVID-19 health and safety supervisor; and quarantining of foreign crews. We have engaged On Stage Cleaning™ which has been working on creating new cleaning standards and guidelines in order to provide value to all our film industry clients and peace of mind during these times.


    For more information about licensing our film production space for your next film production, please send a message and one of our Film Specialists will contact you.


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