Summer Internship Program

MX MOVIES would love to help a high school student develop their technical skills and knowledge about technology, AI and the film industry by working with you over the summer. You will work remotely from home under the direction of our Vancouver office with our passionate software development team having fun creating a new film production software.

Experience what it’s like to make a difference in the film industry by developing the software products that our clients need to streamline the film production process. There are job opportunities in all aspects of technology. This application is open to all grade 11, grade 12, self-taught, and/or home-schooled BC students (at least 16 years old) at the time of application. You must be available to work full time, 40 hours per week, for 8 weeks starting on July 6th, 2020. You will be able to work remotely from home during this internship. Application Deadline: April 30th, 2020. You will need permission from your parents or guardians to accept a position.


  • Work with our developers to learn the design of computer software, operations and security.
  • Collaborate in small teams to design and build high quality software to production.
  • Participate in code reviews to continually improve your skills and approach to problem solving.
  • Develop in an agile fashion; creating hypotheses and testing them with incremental changes.


  • Experience in computer programming or a demonstrated interest in programming or technical skills.
  • A demonstrated history of creative thinking and collaborative problem solving.
  • A drive to complete things because you want to, not because you have to.
  • Creativity and innovation in seeking new and better ways of doing things, generating original and imaginative ideas, products, or solutions.


  • Collaboration and teamwork in working with others to deliver results, meaningfully contributing to the team and prioritizing group needs over individual needs.
  • Courage in stepping up to address difficult issues, saying what needs to be said.
  • Open communication in clearly conveyiing thoughts, both written and verbally, listening attentively and asking questions for clarification and understanding.


  • Tenacious. You are determined to succeed, and you are motivated by the success of customers, colleagues and the community.
  • Curious. You are always learning and seeking ways to make things better.
  • Conscientious. You keep your promises, taking your commitments to others seriously, and you have strong integrity.
  • Humble. You lead with humility and empathy, respecting and learning from the perspectives of others.


  • Make an impact. We work at the speed of light, delivering innovative solutions that power relationships in the film industry. The fast paced film industry requires fast learning and fosters an environment where you can explore opportunities and make an impact.
  • We are dedicated to building a diverse community, one where employees feel a sense of belonging, and are valued for their contributions and the perspectives they bring.


  • You will be consulted every step of the way.
  • You can participate in the interview process.
  • We will ask your permission prior to accepting your child to the position.
  • We will do as much as we can to help you understand what it’s like to work at MX MOVIES.
  • Our purpose is to champion the power of human connection and the heart of connection is inclusion.


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